Felix 662 (AWS-8018G)

Felix 662 (AWS-8018G)

AWS/ASME A5.5: E8018-G

Sizes  :  

2.5 x 300 mm
3.15 x 350 mm
4 x 350 mm

Customized Sizes Can Be Made.

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Premium All Position Basic Coated Iron Powder Low Hydrogen Type Electrode For Welding Of High Tensile Fine Grained Steels.

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  • High Strength Electrode With High Crack Rsistance Enables It To Take Dynamic Loads At High And Low Enviromental Temperatures.            
  • Iron Powder Electrode With Recovery As High As 110 %.            
  • Low Hydrogen X-Ray Quality Weld Deposits With High Metallurgical Purity.            
  • Quiet Stable Arc With Easy Slag Removal, Easy Restrike And Excellent Weld Appearance.            


  • Typical Applications Include Bridges, Offshore Constructions, Heavy Structures, Ship Building, Buildings, Stadiums, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Heavy Machinery, Tanks And Fabrication Of Quenched And Tempered Low Alloy High Strength Steels.   

Tensile Strength                                                           91000 PSI            
Yield Strength                                                               78500 PSI            
Elongation                                                                    28 %            
Impact Energy ISO-V                                                   80 J At -60° C            


  • Clean Weld Area. Keep Electrodes Dry And Re-Dry The Electrodes If Necessary At 300° C For 2 Hour.
  • Stringer Beads Or Weaving Technique Can Be Used.
  • Maintain Short Arc For Best Mechanical Properties.
  • Use DC Reverse Polarity.

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